The Homeopathy


The founder of this wonderful system, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, was basically an Allopathic M.D. He was an Intellect, Keen Observer, Conscious Oriented, Dedicated, and Selfless with inborn Humanity, concerned for the wellbeing of the Humankind.

Hahnemann was born on 10th April 1755 in the electorates of Saxony, one of the most beautiful parts of Germany. His parents - Father, Christian Gottfried Hahnemann and Mother Johanna-Christiana, were Porcelain Painters of the best kind. His father had the soundest ideas of what may be considered good and worthy and he implanted them in the mind of Samuel Hahnemann. He grew manhood in such circumstances amongst the beauties of Nature and the Perfect way of Upbringing by his parents, doubtlessly contributed the wonderful discovery of the Laws of Nature "SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTER" (Likes are treated by Likes), the principle Doctrine and the Tombstone of Homoeopathy on which the entire Homoeopathic system lies upon.

He is a master of various sciences, the beloved subject being Chemistry. He was a multi-linguist and possessed a vast knowledge of many languages. His discoveries and theories are concise and perfect.

Why homeopathy was found

It was seldom possible for the straight forward, God fearing, Noble and conscious Oriented Hahnemann to accept and practice the medical fallacies of those days. He was disgusted over the transient reliefs and the side-effects of the Modern Medicine. So he stopped his medical practice and started his livelihood by translating medical books from one language to another, as he was well aware of many languages. And Hahnemann was the most accomplished Translator of medical works of those days.

When Hahnemann happened to translate the 'Cullens' Materia Medica' , he was astonished to find the therapeutical uses of the 'Peruvian Bark' (Cinchona Bark), which has the power to PRODUCE and CURE Malaria like symptoms. Something in the manner in which Cullen wrote, decided Hahnemann to experiment with it, upon himself and to see what effect it would have upon a person in perfect Health. The result of this experiment is the discovery of Homoeopathy. He understood that Large doses or Material doses Produce diseases, while the same substance in the smallest, dynamic form, has the potential to remove such disease.

Somthing about homeopathy
What is homeopathy?

Homoeopathy is the science and art of Therapeutic system of healing, guided by the principles of nature, discovered and gradually evolved by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German allopathic M.D in 1790. While translating an important book, Cullen's Materia Medica, the "Law of Similars" of Homeopathy was discovered by him. He found out that any substance which has the power to produce a disease, might also have the power to cure the same disease, but differing in degree, Formulating the "Law of Similars"

More over Homoeopathic medicines are proved on healthy human beings and the signs and symptoms are recorded in a book called Materia Medica. Medicines are like 'Messengers' which has a specific job to accomplish. If the messages they convey are in a gentle, subtle and perfect way, with the Right Signal, the mission to good health is assured. But if they are conveyed in a forceful way, with the Wrong Signal, there will be lot of damages to the body and Mind. In that way Homeopathic medicines are perfect messengers. The major advantages of homoeopathic medicines are that there are no side effects as there are no material doses in it. The medicines are potentised (ie. optimally diluted with non-medicinal base media) and are in the dynamic form, and administered mostly as sweet pills and a few bitter tinctures. Since homoeopathic medicines are proved on human beings, it gives more importance to the mind symptoms, the type of the disease, their emotions ,feelings, likes ,dislikes, etc,. Homeopathy treats the Patients with the Disease and not the Disease itself. Every disease manifests differently in different patients. It is this Differentiating symptoms and signs, which are important to a Homoeopath, to prescribe the Right Medicine. Any peculiar, rare, uncommon signs or thoughts or feelings or likes or dislikes or disagrees or emotions are to be brought to the notice of a Homoeopathic physician, irrespective of the complaints they seek to be treated.

Generally Homoeopathy believes that a person is attacked by a disease when his immune system or his vitality, weakens due to multi-varied reasons. Every individual is blessed with a Natural Immunity from Birth to protect the system from any disease. It is when, this Immune system or the "Vital force" is deranged, and we end up with diseases. Homoeopathy helps in altering this Altered Immune System, thereby enabling us to regain the Vitality to fight against the invading enemies. Thus, Homoeopathy helps in getting away the continuing Drug dependence in Chronic cases in traditional medicines.