Patience Voice

My Impressions…

There are two people I remember when my health goes for a toss. ...apparently the first one is Almighty and the second is Dr Vasudevan. Yes! He is an amazing Physician, miraculous in curing and healing his patients.

My family's acquaintance with Dr.V goes a longway, stretching for two decades now…..and along the way, there are many instances when he saved our lives without going in for any invasive surgery. I developed jaundice during my delivery and when all other Doctors lost hope, he gave a word of assurance and brought me back alive. …his treatment dissolved my Mom's kidney stones without any surgery… the list could be endless.

Dr V's soothing and reassuring consulting sessions, has a profound psychological impact & improvement on the patient … because it's not just a cold, mechanical prescriptions of medicines… but a Total Healing of the Mind & Body.

Dr Vasudevan, You are Incredible!

Prabha - Executive Director, Noble International LLC, Sultanate of Oman


You have cured me yet again. The medicine you have given for the lump at armpit has worked wonders and the lump has disappeared. This is not the first time nor the nth time/the last time and I hope this kind of experiences will go on and on till I have the privilege of accessing you and your medicines.

Even today, I recollect with happiness the first meeting between us in 1990. I had a severe back pain and the ortho specialist has suggested that I should take a scan as there may be tumour also. You said "I will cure this; but you take the scan and come to me as otherwise you will constantly be reminded that you were asked to take a scan but you have not obeyed the specialist's words". And the backpain has disappeared in a month's time with your wonderful medicines. With God's blessings and your support the pain has not recurred.

Again I was diagnosed with high blood pressure with readings constantly at 140/100. I started with your 'drops' - 10 drops twice a day and then 10 drops once a day and then 8 drops, etc. Within two months the pressure was under control and after a continuous six months treatment, the high blood pressure is no longer there. I think it started in 1992 and was cured before the end of that year. After that touchwood and god's grance, the high BP has not come back.

I had the worst acidity for more than a month and I approached you. The first medicine has stopped it but the acidity came back. Then you treated me again. With the second dosage for a fortgnight the condition became better. I do get bouts of acidity now and then but am confident that I can approach you at any point of time.

I can go on narrating but I know that you are a very busy doctor actively involved with treating the patients and not the disease (as you say quite often). I only wish that you can plan a part time set up in Singapore to take care of the needs of people like us.

V.Viswanathan - Manager (QFB), State Bank of India. Singapore.


We have been counseling with Doctor Vasudevan for past three years for various ailments. I have been suffering from Hyperacidity and Gastritis from 1997 and I got introduced to Dr. Vasudevan by a relative of mine in 2006. By consuming Homoeopathic medicines prescribed by Dr. Vasudevan for about 6 months I was totally cured.

My wife Chitra also was treated by Dr. Vasudevan for Nasal allergies and sneezing which she has been suffering from for many years. He was able to arrest it and cure it in about 1 years time.

About a month ago she developed hyper pigmentation on her face and she could get Dr.Vasudevan’s advice over email by sending different photographs. He was also able send the medicines through courier.

As per my personal opinion Dr. Vasudevan is an excellent doctor who analysis the root cause of the ailment and help to get a permanent cure.

To help other patients who are residing in Singapore it will be better if Dr. Vasudevan can make frequent visits to Singapore.

S. Prabaker and S. Chitra - Singapore.


It is our great pleasure to mention about miracles of Homoeopathic medicines, with the treatment of Dr.V.Vasudevan.

I was suffering from ulcer in the tongue for nearly two years and tried several medicines. But the result was not fruitful. Instead of subsiding, the pain aggravated, as a result I could not eat even very light hot food and was eating only curd rice for months together. The normal surface of the tongue has disappeared and turned to red causing immense burning pain. At this stage, a friend of us suggested to consult Dr.Vasudevan, a Homoeopath staying in T.Nagar. It was a God sent message to us. I have seen Dr.Vasudevan accordingly and explained my miserable condition. Dr.Vasudevan gave me confidence and started the treatment. To our amazement within a short time I could feel his medicine showing wonderful results and within a month the original layer started forming on the tongue and I was able to eat all sorts of spicy food including pickles without any burning sensation. Soon after, I was completely cured.

Recently, for the last two months I was suffering from severe pain in the right back, lower abdomen, belly portion. After scanning and other tests, it was diagnosed that I had stones in the Right Kidney, for which I once again took treatment from Dr.Vasudevan. Now I am cured fully of stones and free from pain.

Our whole family now consults him for treatment for any ailment. We all are very grateful to him.

P. Sathyavathy - Chennai-600035. Patient Name: Master KESHAV


My son was having a history of wheezing problem for the past 2 years. Eventhough he was under allopathy medication, he would fall sick every month which would lead to severe breathing problems and he wont be able to attend the school.

I came to know about Dr. V.Vasudevan through my neighbour and decided to give a try on homeopathy treatment for my sons breathing problem. When the first time I took my son for consultation to Dr. Ananth's Homeo Clinic, T.Nagar, I was able to see Dr. Vasudevan's attention to the patients and his patience to hear the whole history of my son's health problem.

Initally doctor gave homeopathy drugs for 1 week and asked to visit him after a week. Within 3 days i was able to see my son was responding to the treatment and getting better day-by-day. The next time i took my son to the doctor he assured that my son would be fully cured from the problem within a short period.

Awesome now after 10-days of Dr. V. Vasudevan's homeopathy treatment i could see my son has gained more resistance to illness and has started to attend school regularly.

Doctor V. Vasudevan is so humble, more positive and very sound in his profession. Now I have decided to make my first experience with homeopathy treatment into a permanent one for my son's health problem.

Jayaram - Kodambakkam, Chennai.


I have known Dr. Vasudevan from the time I was a child . From the time he cured me of problems related to tonsils as a little girl (for which some other Doctor wanted to operate on me) to the time my mother had terrible headaches. (Again for which some neurologist wanted to operate on her.)

When it comes to any problem in my family, from head aches, Jaundice to skin related issues. We have always consulted Dr. Vasudevan and have been dutifully cured. Homeopathy cures in such a fashion that it leaves no trace of any abnormality and makes sure it doesn't relapse. It is from experience that I know that Homeopathy takes care of the root of the illness and not just the symptoms.

My mother and I have recommended many of our friends and family to Dr. Vasudevan for which we both have been thanked every time .Sometimes when I talk to people who don't believe in Homeopathy, I truly feel sad that they haven't met Dr. Vasudevan.(yet)

Dr. Vasudevan is a good human being and that is why he is an excellent Doctor. He is a good Listener and no matter how big or serious the problem is , he gives something more than medicines , he gives hope that this too shall pass. He is kind and is gifted for the cures people from not only the illness but also the trauma that comes with it... He lets patience understand what is truly happening with their body and relieves them of the unnecessary anxiety with this knowledge. I truly believe that it’s because of this Gift that he is one of the most sought after Doctors i know.

I remember the time when before leaving his clinic i said, "See you Doctor". he replied with a smile saying , "Please become completely alright and don't come back to see me again. Its not a good thing if you come back to see me." :) and i knew he meant every word he said.

I would like to use this opportunity to Thank Dr. Vasudevan for being like a Guardian angel to my family and me. We are truly Grateful for your friendship and you’re greatest of all services.

Thank you Dr. Vasudevan

Shantha N


Our entire family has been associated with Dr.Vasudevan for many years who is our family doctor and we follow Homeopathy treatment through Dr.Vasudevan. He has been in this field for several years and he is a wonderful person as well as a doctor.

We believe he is the best Homeopathy doctor in town and his treatment has always been successful. I also would recommend Homeopathy treatment vs Allopathy as Homeopathy ensures that the disease is eradicated from the roots.

Arvind Sacheti


It’s our pleasure to write few words about Dr. Vasudevan to express our sincere thanks.

When my daughter was four years old, she was suffering from Eczema. She used to scratch so much that the condition got worsened. I have tried different medications and cream available here in USA; nothing helped her. Finally, we approached Dr. Vasudevan (Dr. Ananth’s Homoeo Clinic, Chennai) for the treatment. He gave medicine for a course of time and she recovered completely. From past two years, we haven’t really seen any sign of Eczema in her. Now for any of my medical treatment, we approach Dr. Vasudevan because we have full confidence in his treatment. So we want all the undecided seekers to know that his medications and treatment has tremendous success and one need not hesitate to step forward.

We express our heartiest thanks to Dr. Vasudevan for successfully treating my daughter. Although we live in USA, it is not difficult to access him for any discussion regarding our medical problems and we appreciate his openness, his valuable time and immediate action in sending medicines without delay.

Sukanya and Goutam Karan - Salt Lake City, UTAH 84108, USA


Dr Vasudevan is a doctor who has brought me out from a bad phase of headaches and health problems. For around 6 years i went to different doctors in search of the right medicine and cure for my continuos headaches and black outs. At one point of time i thought there was actually no cure for my headache and i would have to live with it throughout my life. Thats when accidentally my friend took me to her doctor Dr.Vasudevan who she trusted a lot. Seeing hers and her family's trust on him, i went ahead and met him. Further on there is no looking back! Dr. Vasudevan has cured my headache and other internal problems that i have been complaining off. He has made a difference in my day to day life and i really thank him for this!

Anjana - Muscat,Sultanate of Oman


Vaidyo Narayanah Harih: (The Physician is like God)

I have had the privilege of having the acquaintance of Dr. V.Vasudevan, an eminent Homoeopath. He hails from a family of doctors known for their dedication to the field of Homoeopathy and service to the suffering patients.

Dr.Vasudevan belongs to a rare breed of utterly sincere, dedicated and compassionate physicians. He combines an innate knack of intelligent diagnosis and effective treatment. Homoeopathy, unlike Allopathy is individual- specific and no two persons with similar ailments are treated with same regime. In my experience while undergoing treatment from Dr.Vasudevan , I have observed that he applies the above principle to every patient most diligently and intelligently by thoroughly recording the individual physiological characteristics of the patients and then only starting the treatment.

The credit of curing my wife when she had contracted Jaundice in the seventh month of her pregnancy when allopathic doctors had almost washed their hands off, goes to Dr.Vasudevan. Needless to say, because of the timely treatment by Dr.Vasudevan, not only my wife was saved, but also she delivered of a healthy girl child.

Dr.Vasudevanʼs treatment of dreaded liver diseases like Hepatitis and Cirrhosis is just amazing.

I pray to the Almighty to bestow a long life on Dr.Vasudevn so that he may continue to provide relief and succour to the suffering patients.

R.Sridharan - West Mambalm, Chennai-600033


After I finished my studies in 1987, I started my career as a marketing person traveling almost 25 days in a month all over India. After two years I got in to a severe problem with my stomach. I suffered severe stomach pain, abdominal cramps, abnormal bowel movements, Diarrhea/watery stools 3-4 times per day. I was exhausted after so much allopathic medicines for one year from various doctors, and I never get a relief of my stomach problem. At that point, I was fortunate enough, to come across with Dr Vasudevan who diagnosed that I was suffering from Gastritis and gave a course of medicines. I got excellent results with the treatment. To my surprise after this treatment, I never suffered such stomach pain till date. Since then, all the patients I have come across with any health problems, I have referred only Dr Vausdevan. After seeing my result all my family members and friends also had visited Dr. Vausdevan for the treatment and had similar good result on their health problems from his treatment. In year 1997, when I suffered severe appendicitis and all the allopathic doctors recommended to get operated as there is no alternate to get out of my stomach pain.

Since I had a good experience from Dr.Vasudevan, Homeopathy Medicines again I went to His clinic at T.Nagar Chennai for his advice just before the date of my surgery fixed by Allopathic Doctor.

He just said there is no need for a surgery and he can give treatment for my problem and I took his advice and the treatment with great confident on his treatment. It has truly been a miracle in my life!!!

The treatment avoided a surgery on my body and till date I have no problem. In 2006 I had a growth in the gallbladder with great confident I took his medicines and got cured 100% I would recommend Dr.Vasudevan and his Homeopathy treatment to anyone. In fact, I do it every chance I get!!! Thank you very much!!!

B.Ramesh – Bangkok


I Shashwath thank Dr.Vasudevan for his treatment.I would like to let everyone know that i had very seviere corns in my leg i used to think by cutting it, it would go away but then it kept increasing and at a point i had 7 corns, 3 on my left and 4 on my right i started using cornplaster but in weeks time i realised the corns were so deep about half an inch and i was struggling to walk and then i heard about homeopathy and they would just give sugar pills and cure you, sounds very amazing so i approached Dr.vasudevan who is the best at it, and i am so thankfull to him that in just a span of ten days by talking medicine as prescribed that tastes like sugar i am cured and my corns have fallen out and i am healed. I am very thankfull to Dr.Vasudevan for his treatment in homeopathy.



I am Muralikrishnan.R 43 years (2008) residing in Chennai India. I take pleasure in making this statement on my experience with Dr.Vasudevan.

I have been consulting Dr.Vasudevan (doctor) since 1995. At that time my mouth ulcers had reached chronic levels. I have almost lived with it since childhood. My parents had consulted many allopathic physicians in major cities in the state. The cure was mostly temporary accompanied with side effects like drowsiness, stomach upsets and the like. The experience with doctor was refreshing. He could almost narrate the sufferings I was undergoing which I could gather comes from his experience in treating and diagnosis. Soon within a month I was rid of almost a lifelong suffering. Today should there be any recurrence, with three pack spanning six hours interval, I am sure the cure is well within way and normalcy within 48 hours.

Today, due to everyday stress, I have migraine which is very effectively contained by doctor. Thanks to him, I am carefree and able to go about my profession in the way I do. I am indeed indebted to the doctor.

Naturally I started consulting doctor for all common ailments such as cold, flue, body pain stomach upsets. Fantastic!!! Two days they are off without having much disruption in work.

I extended consultations for my wife and daughter. A special mention here is due that the child as she was three when I began with doctor, we could avoid issues associated with of swallowing or pricking with syringes or antibiotic. The recurrence and vulnerability to infections is prevented due to enhancement of natural immunity. This aspect is the highlight in my opinion of taking homeopathy cure.

I have recommended many of my friends, colleagues and family members when I hear of chronic ailments and see them suffer. I should put on record that all of them have been satisfied and thank me for the recommendation.

Finally the diagnosis is the key to treatment in which one can see Dr.Vasudevan an adept. Tell him each and every symptom why you think so he will listen patiently to the patient ending with his reassuring smile and warmth that the cure will be soon. All these when there is a big queue of waiting patients which goes on even up to 10pm. Never has he rushed under the guise of lack of time. Attending to the task with full dedication and love with professional approach the doctors is source of solace.

Be it any form of treatment the modality does not matter the results and painlessness result in Happiness and wellbeing which is found abundant in the treatment through homeopathy by Dr.Vasudevan.

Muralikrishnan. R


This is to convey my gratitude and thansk for the medicines and treatment which you carried out for my loss of hair problem. The treatment has worked out exceptionally well and the response has been exceptionally positive. I would take the opportunity to thank yu for the same and also to tell you that I will be spreading the word amongst my friends here in Singapore .

Nivedita Sircar - Singapore.


I have recently started treatment with Dr Vasudevan for chronic hives. He was recommended to me by a friend. When I met him, I found him to be very knowledgeable and liked how he asked in-depth questions so as to understand my problem. He put me on a two-month course of medication and when I reported that that hadn't improved my condition, he reviewed immediately and changed my medicine. I am happy to say that I am responding well to the new medicine and feel better. In addition to being a good clinician, I find Dr Vasudevan to be very easy to approach and very responsive and attentive to his patient's needs.

Renu Mujumdar - Singapore.


I am pleased to understand that Dr.V. Vasudevan, Consulting Homeopath, Chennai , India would soon be available for consultation in Singapore as well for the benefit of his patients staying here.

During my period of stay in India, I have consulted Dr.Vasudevan on many occasions and have greatly benefitted from his treatment. I am sure that his availability even on a part time basis here, would indeed be very helpful and I wish him all the very best.

Lata - Singapore.


First of all, I thank the almighty for gifting such a wonderful Doctor!

It was 1995-1996 when I had several warts on my nose. I underwent electrocartery, minor surgeries and many other treatments. It got aggravated, started spreading on my face. Many expert skin specialists gave up. Such was my case for about two years. Fortunately, I got introduced to Dr. Vasudevan through my relative, Mr. KS Kannan. He explained me about the miraculous treatments provided by Dr. Vasudevan. Within 6 weeks of his treatment, all my warts completely disappeared!! It has now been 14 years after getting Dr. Vasudevan’s contact. How much he has done for my health – countless. I would like to share few points:

Kindness: Doctor, your homeo treatment is most effective – of course everybody knows that. The most amazing thing is your kindness. At such a position, even at late nights, you are so cool and are very very kind in approaching patients. It is such a great example.

The best support and understanding: In 1997, I was suffering from peptic ulcer and during my university examinations, the pain I had was terrible. In spite of your busy schedule, you were very kind to see me at midnight 11-30. Without your effective treatment and support, I would not have got Gold Medal in my University examinations! God really helped me through your treatment.

Your memory: In between, after a gap of about 4 years, when I called you for an urgent health problem, my God, how well you remembered me. It is not only me, many other patients have told the same. Such an amazing memory you have in spite of seeing countless patients !

If provided an opportunity, I would like to clone Dr. Vasudevan and have him here in London and many other parts of the world so that everybody gets benefited !

Thank you very much Doctor. We pray the Almighty to provide you with everything.

Dr. Umakhanth.V.G., Research Scientist, Leicester, England, UK.