The Clinic

It was around in the year 1960, at Chennai, an old orthodox lady who was surrounded by a few people, opening their mouths to swallow a freshly prepared bitter herbal brew early in the morning in empty stomach and a handful of pongal (made from rice and dhal) to be eaten immediately after drinking the brew. What do you think its all for? This is the treatment for jaundice continued hereditarily by the orthodox lady belonging to the Vummidi family. It was the fourth generation of continuous free service rendered by the Vummidi Family, though they belong to the Business community.


Her Son V.Ananth was the next to continue the service. Though he was in to business, he continued the family tradition of treating jaundice on every morning. Basically he being the kind hearted, straight forward and service oriented man, Mr Ananth was much fascinated and overwhelmed with happiness when lot of people praise him, thank him, with gratitude due to the wonderful cure from even the most worst cases of jaundice, treated by him. Though he was not a qualified physician, he was only continuing the herbal treatment from his ancestors only for jaundice where even the allopathic system also could not be of any help.

When lot of such people asked him whether he could cure other diseases, He felt the necessity to become a DOCTOR. It was at that time he met with a miraculous cure with homoeopathy for a case of amoebiasis. He started investigating the efficacy of homoeopathy. It was at that time he did a crash course in homeopathy (which was available in those days. Now it’s banned except for a regular 5 and a half years course.) And became a registered Homoeopathic physician, and started his homeopathic practice as Dr Ananth Later he made one of his daughter to study in the same way and she is none other than Dr Janaki Devi who also was equally responsible, along with her father and developed the clinic in an excellent way. Day by day the practice improved nicely. Those days their services were highlighted by Mr. Cho Ramasamy in his magazine " Thuglaq' and he was interviewd in Ananda Vikadan also. They were becoming more and more famous especially in the treatment of jaundice. As Jaundice is being treated as a Free Service, hereditarily in Dr Ananth's family, Dr. Ananth felt that, he wants another male successor to continue the jaundice treatment for the 6th generation and he chose his last son Vasudevan for the role.

During the time in 1970s, Homoeopathy was becoming more and more popular and there were regular 5 years course as like MBBS. He wished his son to become a qualified homoeopath. And continue to serve the people by treating all diseases. Especially the specialised treatment for jaundice. But unfortunately at the age of 55 years in 1979 Dr Ananth expired due to cardiac arrest. It was then, his son Vasudevan took the challenge to fulfill his father's last wish and joined a Homeopathic Medical college at kottayam, kerala, in India in 1979 and finished graduation in 1984 with flying colours. After he became a qualified Doctor, He started his practice in full swing, not forgetting his father's ambitions and his Desires, not discontinuing the treatment of jaundice in the same way, but with more scientific approach. And with the support of his experienced sister Dr. janaki devi who dedicated herself even by not getting married till Dr. Vasudevan took the chair.